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Welcome to Montrose Natural History and Antiquarian Society. The Society is based at Montrose Museum and was formed in 1836, making it the second oldest Antiquarian Society in Scotland. It provides a focal point for those interested in the local history, archaeology, and the natural world of Montrose and the surrounding area. The main activity for the Society centres around a series of talks that take place on the second Tuesday of every month between September and April. These talks are open to all, not just to our members. To see the full programme of talks for the season, please click on Programme above.


Membership is open to anyone, the annual subscription being £12.00 which entitles the member free entry to the monthly meetings. Meetings are held in Montrose Museum at 7:30 pm. Visitors are welcome at £3.00 per meeting. School age children are admitted free. Please contact us if you wish to find out more about joining.


The next meeting of the Montrose Natural History and Antiquarian Society will be held at 7:30 pm on Tuesday 13th December in Montrose Museum. The guest speaker for this meeting will be Dr Gordon Noble, Head of Archaeology at the University of Aberdeen, who will give an illustrated talk entitled "Discovering the Northern Picts: Excavations and Survey in northern Scotland by the University of Aberdeen".

Gordon's research has included studies on a wide range of landscapes and archaeology projects from the Mesolithic to Medieval periods. He now works on a major project funded by the University of Aberdeen Development Trust and Historic Environment Scotland researching the post-Roman societies of northern Britain called 'Northern Picts', a research programme that has featured on BBC 4 'Digging for Britain' and many other media venues.

Gordon says that "The Picts are first mentioned in late Roman writings as a collection of troublesome tribes north of the Roman frontier. They went on to dominate the kingdoms of northern and eastern Scotland until the late first millennium AD. 'Northern Picts' is a project that aims to uncover the archaeological traces of Pictish society from Aberdeenshire to Easter Ross. The project to date has had some spectacular successes. We have begun to uncover a major and undocumented Pictish royal centre at Rhynie and discovered a significant portion of a major Pictish silver hoard at Gaulcross. We have scaled sea cliffs to discover forgotten Pictish forts and centres of power. The talk presents the latest results from the University of Aberdeen project."

Since completing his PhD in 2004, Gordon has held a temporary lectureship in Durham (2004-5) and from 2005-8 undertook British Academy funded postdoctoral research on the perception of the forested environment in prehistory at the University of Glasgow. Gordon was appointed as lecturer to the department at Aberdeen in July 2008, Senior Lecturer in 2012, and became Head of Department in 2015. He is also an Honorary Curatorial Fellow to the University Museums.

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